All Natural
No side Effects
Reduces Blood Sugar
Relieves Diabetes


An expert Chinese doctor Shi-liang Feng, MD, professor in the Shengyang Diabetes Hospital and the Liaoning Provincial Diabetes Treatment Center, has developed the Shiliang Pill. It contains the secret formula that his family has been using for approximately 100 years with well-documented success.

He was born into a famous doctorís family. His grandfather was a royal doctor and served in the Emperorís Palace. In his long practice life, his family created a secret formula for diabetes. He used it to treat of a lot of patients including the Chinese Qing Dynasty í s (pronounced "Chin", 1616-1911 a. d.) Empress Cixi and her son Emperor Guangxu. The product currently has treated hundreds of thousands of patients coming from China, Russia, Japan, Europe and the Americas with 98% effectiveness for type II diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic disease referring to a disorder of metabolism and the endocrine and immune system. Heredity, environmental pollutants, and other factors cause the disease. There are two types of diabetes: Type I: Insulin dependent and type II: Insulin independent. 75% of patients with diabetes have type II diabetes. The Shiliang Pill is an excellent treatment for type II diabetes. It can improve metabolism, endocrine function and the immune system. It reduces blood sugar and relieves symptoms such as excess thirst, numbness, unclear vision, itchy skin, edema, and constipation. The Shiliang Pill supplements Qi, activates blood circulation, nourishes Yin, supplements the kidney, reduces the blood lipids and cholesterol, and increases the volume of coronary blood flow. Therefore, it is good for people who suffer from gaining weight, certain types of reduced kidney function, hyperlipidemia, hypercholestremia, and hypertension.

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